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Joint meeting with Rotary Club of Pokhara Annapurna

2075-11-29 / 2019-03-13

On the third day of Rotaract week, Rotaract Club of Annapurna had a joint meeting with its parent club Rotary Club of Annapurna. In this program Read More

Friendly futsal match with Rotaract Club of Newroad

2075-11-28 / 2019-03-12

In the second day of Rotaract week celebration, Rotaract Club of Annapurna and Rotaract Club of Newroad jointly organized a friendly futsal program Read More

Basic Photoshop and Photography Workshop Jointly with RAC Newroad Pokhara

2075-9-21 / 2019-01-05

Details: This was our joint programme with RAC Newroad Pokhara. The main theme was trained captivated person in general photo shop and photography by Read More

Dhaka Topi program with Turkish Rotaract

2075-9-16 / 2018-12-31

Rtr. Sundar Adhikari, District Trainer and member of Rac Annapurna during his visit to Turkey met Rotaractors from Rotaract club of Bolge. Though he Read More

Christmas Greetings exchange

2075-9-10 / 2018-12-25

With an aim to promote the fellowship, fun and bonding among the club members, we have celebrated Christmas Gift and Greeting exchange program. Every Read More

Kalabang Homestay and BBQ party

2075-8-21 / 2018-12-07

To promote membership growth, retention, fellowship and to raise the fund, the club organised homestay program with bbq party at Kalabang homestay Read More

Deusi-Bhailo: On the special occasion of Tihar

2075-7-22 / 2018-11-08

Tihar is one of the greatest festivals of Hindus celebrated all over the world. On this very auspicious occasion we organised the event of Deusi Read More

Participation in End Polio Rallly

2075-7-7 / 2018-10-24

5 members of our club participated in end polio rally which was organised jointly by the Rotary clubs of Pokhara region. The rally started from Read More

Dashain- Tihar Greeting Exchange

2075-6-25 / 2018-10-11

On the occasion of greatest Hindu festivals, Dashain and Tihar, a greeting exchange program was organized by Rotaract Club of Annapurna on the Read More

First Presidents & Secretaries Meet 2018

2075-6-6 / 2018-09-22

Rotaract Club of Annapurna actively participated in PS Meet hosted by Rotaract Club of Newroad, Pokhara with a great enthusiasm along with most of Read More

International Day of Peace celebration

2075-6-5 / 2018-09-21

President Yamkala and VP Pradeep Pahari participated in the DRR visit along with two of our past members in the program that was conducted by RAC Read More

Guest Speaker Session Chapter II

2075-5-20 / 2018-09-05

The second phase of guest speaker event completed successfully.The guest speaker of the session was Mrs. Deepali Gotadke all the way from India Read More

Guest Speaker Session Chapter I

2075-4-31 / 2018-08-16

Rotaract Club of Annapurna under professional service avenue and as the very first project of Rota Year 2018/019 conducted the training about Digital Read More

Internal COTS & Interaction with New members

2075-4-5 / 2018-07-21

Fellowship , Interaction 
Read More

World Cup Screening

2075-3-30 / 2018-07-14

Football is one of the most widely loved sports throughout the globe. The biggest event in the scenario of the world football scene, FIFA World Cup Read More

Futsal for fund & fellowship with club members

2075-3-30 / 2018-07-14

Fellowship & Fund raise
Read More

Installation & Chartered Night Ceremony

2075-3-25 / 2018-07-09

Presidentship Handover 


Installment of New Board Members

Read More

Participation In DLTS

2075-3-23 / 2018-07-07

Training session , Fellowship , Personality build up,etc.
Read More

Twin Formation with RAC BHARATPUR

2075-3-23 / 2018-07-07

Club twining
Read More

Firkhe khola cleaning campaign

2016-08-06 / 2016-08-06

Read More

Food distribution

2016-05-06 / 2016-05-06

On 6 May 2016 we RAC Annapurna and MBS second group organized on the occasion of Mothers day we felicate at the Pokhara Old age home by providing Read More

Candle lighting on Earthquake day

2016-04-24 / 2016-04-24

    On April 24 2016 we RAC Annapurna, MBS group of PNC, Radio Barahi and RAC Pokhara jointly organized a candle light program at Read More

Rotaract Promotion through Rafting

2016-04-09 / 2016-04-09

On April 9 2016, we RAC Annapurna organized a rafting programme at Trishuli River. To promote a Rotaract as well as for entertainment purpose we Read More

Women Violence

2016-03-10 / 2016-03-10

With the coordinating with human right film focus we organized a wall of hope at View Point Boarding School on March 10, 2016  we organized Read More

Joint Meeting

2016-03-09 / 2016-03-09

On second day at March 9 2016 we conducted Joint meeting with the RAC Annapurna, RAC Pokhara and RAC Newroad Pokhara at Sky Touch Restaurant Read More

Rotaract week celebration with parents club

2016-03-09 / 2016-03-09

   On the occasion of world Rotaract week celebration we celebrate and conducted joint meeting with our sponsoring club RC Annapurna at Read More

Rotaract Week Celebration

2016-03-08 / 2016-03-08

On the occasion of world Rotaract week celebration we RAC Annapurna, RAC Pokhara, RAC Pokhara Newroad organized a week program on March 8 2016 we Read More

Blanket Distribution Project

2016-01-17 / 2016-01-17

On 17 Jan, 2016 we RAC organized blanket distribution project at syangja danithok where the earthquake destruct all the property of the that area Read More

DRR visit

2016-01-16 / 2016-01-16

            On 16 Janaurary 2016 we organized DRR visit at D’village Restaurant Chipledhunga where the charter Read More

Photography and Photoshop Training

2016-01-16 / 2016-01-16

On Jan, 2016 we RAC Annapurna organized a one day photography and photoshop training to the the member of RAC Annapurna at Uncle Beers Garden Read More

ZRR visit

2016-01-09 / 2016-01-09

            On Jan, 2016 we RAC Annapurna organized a ZRR visit at Uncle Beer’s Garden at Newroad Pokhara. On Read More

Celebration of Deepawali exchange program

2015-11-10 / 2015-11-10

On 10th November 2015 we celebrate deepawali exchange program with the club members. To save our culture we had organized between the member for Read More

7 A side Football Tournament

2015-10-10 / 2015-10-10

We RAC Annapurna organized a 1 day 7 A side football tournament at SOS School Rambazar Pokhara. Altogether 7 Rotaract Club participate at the Read More

Mega Tree Plantation Phase 2

2015-09-26 / 2015-09-26

      We RAC Annapurna and Dirgayau Nepal  organized second phase tree plantation programme at Sardhikhola V.D.C on Ashwin 9 Read More

Joint COTS and New member orientation

2015-09-05 / 2015-09-05

            We zone IV Rotaract Club RAC Annapurna, RAC Pokhara Fishtail, RAC Pokhara Newroad, RAC Pokhara, RAC Read More

Guest Speaker

2015-08-08 / 2015-08-08

Mrs. Japanese social worker Radha Thapa at RAC Annapurna to sharing the experience abot to be a social worker and at the same time the president Read More

Guest Speaker

2015-07-25 / 2015-07-25

On Regular Meeting Mr.Binod Bhandari  branch manager of Global IME bank Pokhara Branch. To sharing the idea and knowledge about the banking Read More

6th Installation Ceremony

2015-07-02 / 2015-07-02

On 11th July Rotaract Club of Annapurna Sucessfully conducted 6th Installation Ceremony on D Village Restaurant Pokhara. At the same time the Read More

2014-08-09 / 2014-08-09

9th Aug, 2014 

Presidentship handover from Rtr Evik Karmacharya to Rtr Satyam Gautam. 

Official announcement of new BOD (RY-2014 Read More

Cleaning Campaign

2014-07-08 / 2014-07-08

RC Annapurna provided a helping hand to 40 Korean volunteers on 8th July 2014 in Cleaning Campaign. Program lasted for three days. 
Read More

Zonal Fellowship and Recognition Ceremony

2014-05-31 / 2014-05-31

Zonal Fellowship and recognition ceremony was organised by Zone 4 ZRR Rtr.Siru Bhurtel and ZS Rtr.Binod Acharya. All Zone 4 clubs were Read More

Charity Movie Show

2014-04-24 / 2014-04-24

On April 24,014 we RAC Annapurna jointly organized charity show programme jointly with Jaunty Jades at Barahi Kha Pokhara. Altogether 400 peole Read More

Zonal Cricket Tournament

2014-04-05 / 2014-04-05

As we zone IV have organized zonal cricket match which is coordinate by President of Rotaract Club of Annapurna where the tribute to ZRR of zone Read More

DRR Project- Water tank Distribution

2014-03-13 / 2014-03-13

On the occasion of world Rotaract week celebration we Rotaract Club of Annapurna organized water tank distribution programme at Mahendra Higher Read More

RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards)

2014-03-13 / 2014-03-13

Celebration of Rotaract week Rotaract club Annapurna, RAC Midtown, RAC Pokhara, RAC Pokhara Fishtail, RAC Lekhnath, RAC Hemja, RAC Newroad Pokhara Read More

Christmas Celebration

2013-12-25 / 2013-12-25

On the occasion of Christmas day celebration we RAC Annapurna organized gift exchanged programme with dance party at D Village Restaurant Read More

Volunteering on Polio Campaign

2013-12-21 / 2013-12-21

On 21 December 2013 we RAC Annapurna, Rotary Club of Annapurna, Inner wheel Club of Annapurna jointly volunteering at National Polio Campaign. We Read More

DRR Tribute Projects (PDRR Rtr.Anil Shrestha)- Free Blood Grouping Program

2013-12-19 / 2013-12-19

On December 19and20, 2013 we RAC Annapurna organized free blood grouping on Balmandir Higher Secondary School Nadipur-03, Pokhara where our Read More

Rotaract Futsal Tournament 2013/14

2013-12-17 / 2013-12-17

On December 17th 2013, Rotaract Club of Annapurna organized Rotaract Futsal Tournament at Dam side, Pokhara. 5 clubs from Zone IV had participated Read More

Dashain Greeting Exchange

2013-11-11 / 2013-11-11

On 11th October 2013 at Pokhara Karaoke we RAC Annapurna organized Dashain greeting exchange through fellowship in house member. Where presence of Read More

Clean up Nepal Together, Lets Sparkle Nepal

2013-09-21 / 2013-09-21

On  21st September 2013 we Rotaract Club of Annapurna, Hemja, Pokhara Fishtail jointly organized cleanup at Hemja. More than 50 Rotaract Read More

DRR TRIBUTE PROJECT(Rtr.Srijan Shrestha)- Child Sponsorship

2013-09-17 / 2013-09-17

On September 17th 2013 on regular meeting no.86 child sponsorship continue to MS. Kritika Parajuli from SOS Balgram Pokhara. This time we have Read More

Traffic Awareness Program

2013-09-06 / 2013-09-06

Traffic Awareness

            On September 6, 2013 we Rotaract Club of Annapurna Read More

Teej Celebration

2013-08-25 / 2013-08-25

Family Fellowship Program

            To mark the Teej festival on August 25th   Read More

“Sapana ko Desh”

2013-08-12 / 2013-08-12

Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward” 14th international youth day was celebrated by conducting 4-days program by the various youth Read More

Candle Lighting for world peace (Youth International Week)

2013-08-11 / 2013-08-11

International Youth Day Celebration

            “Youth Migration: Moving Read More

Youth concerned to Senior Citizen

2013-08-10 / 2013-08-10

“Youth concerned to Senior Citizen” at second day youth are distributing fruit and food at Harihar Gufa Bhalam to old aged people Read More

Interaction and Speech Program

2013-08-08 / 2013-08-08

On the occasion of 14th International Youth Day we Annapurna family like Rotaract Club of Annapurna, Rotary Club of Annapurna, Rotaract Club of Read More

Joint Stationary Distribution

2013-07-26 / 2013-07-26

To mark the July as literacy month we zone IV has organized joint stationary distribution programme at Gau Farka Primary School which was Read More

Blood Grouping and supporting for literacy month

2013-07-20 / 2013-07-20

On 20th July, 2013 we sucessfully completed a joint project with our twin Club, Rotaract Club of Kathmandu, INGO Solidarity and Cloud Factory Team Read More

8th Installation Ceremony of Rotary Club of Pokhara Annapurna & 4th Installation Ceremony of Rotaract Club Of Annapurna

2013-07-06 / 2013-07-06

On July 6, 2013, the 8th Installation Ceremony was organized jointly by the Rotary Club of Pokhara Annapurna (RCA) and 4th Installation ceremony Read More

Stress Management Training

2013-03-21 / 2013-03-21

The program was organised by Rotaract Club of Kantipur Dental College. President Rtr. Bibek   Ghimire made his participation in the Read More

Awareness on Cerebral Plasy

2012-10-05 / 2012-10-05

The program's Chief guest was DRCC Kiran lal Shrestha and program coordinatoe of Sathi Sansar Nepal Luni Shakya gave informations related to Read More

Teej Celebration and Fellowship

2012-09-07 / 2012-09-07

The program was organized with joint effort of  Innerwheel, Rotary ,Rotaract (Annapurna)   where Interact Annapurna had also been Read More

Support of the Rotary Annapurna family to the Construction Campaign of the Regional Airport

2012-08-26 / 2012-08-26

With the slogan “Pokhara Regional International Airport our Need, Support for the Phasewise Peaceful Strike Indeed”, Rotary Club of Read More

ZRR Visit

2012-08-24 / 2012-08-24

Our Club successfully conducted a ZRR Visit in its club on August 24, 2012. The program was coincided with the Regular meeting of the club. The Read More

Essay Writing Competition's Prize Distribution

2012-08-17 / 2012-08-17

On the auspicious occasion of Kushe Aunsi and Father’s Day, our club organized a Prize Distribution Ceremony on a essay writing competition Read More

Field Visit and Discussions to Establish a Library

2012-08-15 / 2012-08-15

With a view and ideas of establishing a library  in Birethanti High School, Kaski  with the cooperation of Rotary Club of Annapurna and Read More

Interaction, Honor and Farewell to the Korean Volunteers

2012-08-06 / 2012-08-06

Our club with Rotary Club of Pokhara Annapurna and Heralo Pratisthan, Nepal jointly conducted an interaction cum Farewell program to the Korean Read More

One-day Motivational and Leadership Training

2012-08-04 / 2012-08-04

Our club has successfully conducted a One-day Motivational and Leadership Training program on the premises of the Empowering Women of Nepal (EWN Read More

Clean Pokhara Campaign

2012-08-04 / 2012-08-04

The Clean Pokhara Campaign which was jointly conducted by the Rotary Club of Pokhara Annapurna, Rotaract Club of Annapurna and the Heralo Read More

DRCC visit and Good will visit from Rac Mahaboudhha

2012-07-27 / 2012-07-27

We had Rtr. Prajwal Shakya(CSD) & Rtr. Anima Shakya(proposed member) from Rac  Mahabouddha, Ktm as our Good will visitors.  Read More

Fellowship Tea Program

2012-07-14 / 2012-07-14

The Program was organised in order to increase fellowship between the rotaractors and the rotarians and to raise fund for the treatment of the Read More

Orientation program to the members and new board Members

2012-07-13 / 2012-07-13

In order to provide knowledge regarding running club activities in a successful way, the orientation program was held by coinciding the date with Read More

Sarsafai Kaaryakram ( Sanitation Program)

2012-07-11 / 2012-07-11

To make the Pokhara city, clean and green, and to create a atmosphere of good health of all the people living in Pokhara, this program was Read More

Installation Ceremony

2012-07-07 / 2012-07-07

The Third Installation of the Rotaract Club of Annapurna and the Seventh Installation Ceremony of the Rotary Club of Pokhara Annapurna has jointly Read More

"Supervision on ODF Area"

2012-06-15 / 2012-06-15


"Supervision on ODF Area".


Last year Rotaract club of Annapurna had taken the responsibilty of declaring ward Read More

2nd Charter day Celebration.

2012-06-09 / 2012-06-09

On the occassion of Club's Charter day, Rotaract club of Annapurna organized a greeting and Dinner Program to celebrate the club's 1st Read More

Talk program:"Knowing the Unkbown"

2012-06-03 / 2012-06-03

On the occasion of : Mt.Annapurna summit day " June 3rd "

Talk Programme on Mt. Annapurna


ZR Visit.

2012-05-25 / 2012-05-25

To present and highlight the year round ativities performed by Rotarat club of Annapurna, the ZR visit was hosted. 

One  District Read More

"Emegency Blood Donation Programe".

2012-05-18 / 2012-05-18

Rotaract Club of Annapurna and Inner wheel Club of Annapurna jointly organized a "Emergency Blood Donation Program" on 6th Baisakh 2069 Read More

Polio day celebration.

2012-04-28 / 2012-04-28

To increase the awarness level of polio to community,by peace rally and micking,Mickhing was done by our club president Rtr.Punam Giri and active Read More

Human Rights Defender Training

2012-04-28 / 2012-04-28

This program was organized by Rotract club of Annapurna, Youth For Social Welfare Nepal and Rotract club of Pokhara Mid Town. The trainer were Read More


2012-04-14 / 2012-04-14

Orientation & slide presentation on " WHAT IS ROTARACT AND HOW IT FUNCTIONS", given to Newly formed Rotaract club of Manipal Read More

Joint Project with Twin Club.

2012-04-07 / 2012-04-07

Program: Food and educational support to a child living with severe disability (Child with

Cerebral Palsy)Targeted Child: Saloni from Yamdi Read More

Salutation To CNN HERO Nominee Pushpa Basnet

2012-03-25 / 2012-03-25

There was a small welcome program among club members and Puspa Basnet.

On 26 March there was a interaction program in Amrit hall Pokhara Read More

Rotaract day celebration.

2012-03-08 / 2012-03-08

1)      Rotract Week Celebration

a)      Women's day celebration on 8 March.

b)  Read More

Material and First AiD kits DISTRIBUTION on Jeevan Kalyan Kendra (Mentally disable school,kalanki )

2012-03-02 / 2012-03-02


Joint Project betn Twin Club RC Annapurna and RC Himalaya Patan

Project : Material and First AiD kits DISTRIBUTION on Jeevan Kalyan Read More

4th Rotaract District Conference

2012-03-01 / 2012-03-01


To meet to RI President.

To know current situation of clubs.
Read More

Rotary day celebration by candle lighting.

2012-02-23 / 2012-02-23


Celebration of Rotary day by we all Annapurna family.
Read More

Rotasia Participation

2012-01-26 / 2012-01-26

Read More

Personality dvelopment & Career development Seminar.

2012-01-21 / 2012-01-21

To give the knowledge and experience that we have on Personality and career development . The participants were 30 students from class 8-12. It Read More

Free Health Camp

2011-12-29 / 2011-12-29

Read More

Effective Public Speaking Training

2011-12-24 / 2011-12-24

The main theme of this program is to give knowledge and idea how we can make ourselves more confident in speaking in public. there were about 20 Read More

2nd Club Assembly

2011-12-23 / 2011-12-23

Read More

Free Dental Camp on Interact Club of Balmandir

2011-12-09 / 2011-12-09

Rotary Club of Pokhara Annapurna, Rotaract club of Annapurna, Inner-wheel Club of Annapurna and Interact Club of Annapurna jointly conducted a Read More

Twin Club Formation.

2011-12-03 / 2011-12-03

Twin Club Formation :

On the same day in the morning, there was Twin Club Formation program where RC Annapurna and RC Himalaya Patan formally Read More

International Disability day.

2011-12-03 / 2011-12-03

On the occasion of 20th International Disability Day, Rotaract Club of Annapurna and Rotaract Club of Himalaya Patan jointly celebrated the day by Read More

Rotasia Promotion with Twin Club

2011-12-03 / 2011-12-03

Read More

New Member Orientation

2011-11-18 / 2011-11-18

New Member Orientation

Date:  18 Nov 2011

Venue: Hotel Anand, Pokhara    

To Familarize Rotaract and the Read More

Deusi Bhailo Program

2011-10-26 / 2011-10-26

For shake of fund collection, following the Nepali culture, Rotaract club of Annapurna held Deusi Bhilo program on the special occasion of Read More

Fellowship Programe with German Rotaractors

2011-10-18 / 2011-10-18

Fellowship Programe with German Rotaractors

Date:Oct 18th 2011

Venue: Gandaki Boarding School, Pokhara
Read More

RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards):

2011-10-17 / 2011-10-17

RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards):

To fulfill the role of Volunteers on behalf from our Club.

Especially,we would like to give thanks Read More

Tika with Senior Citizen

2011-10-12 / 2011-10-12

On the occasion of Purnima, Rotaract Club of Annapurna along with four other youth club in Pokhara i.e. Piala Nepal, Youth for Change, Suryadaya Read More

Welcome & Fellowship with Rotaract club of Cossipore, Calcutta

2011-10-06 / 2011-10-06

Rotaract club of Cossipore were in a constant contact with Rotaract Annpurna regarding their tour to Nepal. Their main motive to visit Nepal was Read More

Dashin Celebration & Fellowship

2011-10-03 / 2011-10-03

In order to promote Rotaract amongst the youth mass and also to greet club members, Rotaract club of Annapurna organized a fellowship and Dinner Read More

Changa Chait Ramailo Bhet (Kite Flying Program)

2011-10-01 / 2011-10-01

On the occasion of Bada Dashami Rotaract club of Annapurna organized a kite flying program to deliver pure entertainment to the paticipants. Kite Read More

2nd Zonal Meet

2011-09-28 / 2011-09-28


2nd Zonal Meet: Sept 28, 2011

Venue: Kusma, Parbat              Read More

Dashain greetings exchange program with Inner Wheel Club of Annapurna

2011-09-24 / 2011-09-24

On the occasion of Bada Dashin and Tihar 2068, Rotaract Club of Annapurna and Inner wheel Club of Annapurna jointly organized a Greeting program Read More

Meeting & Fellowship with Rotaract club of Baneshwor Royal:

2011-09-23 / 2011-09-23

Meeting & Fellowship with Rotaract club of Baneshwor Royal

We both club share action plan and rotarct movement .
Read More

First Aid Training on the occasion of World First Aid Day

2011-09-10 / 2011-09-10

Rotaract Club of Annapurna (RCA) and Inner wheel Club of Annapurna has been providing practical training courses to its Club members, Inner wheel Read More

DRR Visit.

2011-08-21 / 2011-08-21

To present and highlight the year round ativities performed by Rotarat club of Annapurna, the DRR visit was hosted.Two District council Read More

Zonal Meeting and Zonal COTS

2011-08-20 / 2011-08-20

Zone 7 had its Zonal meeting and Zonal COTS of the Rota Year 2011-12 on 20th August, 2011 venues at Pokhara Chamber of Commerce, with the total Read More

7-A side Football Tournament

2011-08-13 / 2011-08-13

The 7-A side Football Tournament, was jointly organized by the various youth clubs of Pokhara. The tournament was won by Youth for change, Nepal Read More

Peace Rally :-on the occassion of youth day.

2011-08-12 / 2011-08-12

The second day programstarted with the peace rally from human rights chowk. The rally moved from HR chowk to MP, Nayabaazar,Prithivi chowk and Read More

Attention driving rally- “statue Rally”

2011-08-12 / 2011-08-12

Similarly “Attention Driving rally”- (statue Rally) focusing youth’s role in local and international policy making level was Read More

Interaction program on “youth participation on decision making level”

2011-08-11 / 2011-08-11

The 12th international youth day was celebrated by conducting 3-day program by the various youth related cubs of Pokhara. The program was Read More

Friendship Day Celebration.

2011-08-01 / 2011-08-01

"Friendship is like a violin; the music may stop now and then, but the strings will last forever"


 Rotaract Club of Read More

1st Club Assembly

2011-07-29 / 2011-07-29

First club assembly of Rotaract club of Annapurna was held. All club officers came up with their action plan for Rota year 2011/2012.
Read More

Meeting with ZR: Regular meeting

2011-07-16 / 2011-07-16

The club invited the Zone VII ZR Rtr. Sandip Bdr. Karki to present his program schedule of the zone for the Rota year 2011-12. In the same meeting Read More

Child Sponsorship (Orphan Children)

2011-07-08 / 2011-07-08

A child from SOS village Miss Kritika Prajuli of grade one was adopted by the Rotaract club of Annapurna as per proposal sent by the SOS. For Read More

Motivational & Strategic Planning Workshop

2011-07-03 / 2011-07-03

The Rotaract Club of Annapurna organized a one-day Motivational and Strategic Planning Training at Hotel Anand.   Rtr. Bibek Ghimire, member Read More

Installation Ceremoney.

2011-07-02 / 2011-07-02

On July 2, 2011, the 6th Installation Ceremony was organized jointly by the Rotary Club of Pokhara Annapurna (RCA) and Rotaract Club of Annapurna Read More

congratualation and honor programro

2011-06-10 / 2011-06-10

To Congratulate and honor the four ladies who successfully climbed Mount Annapurna.

Rotaract Annapurna joined in the celebration and Read More

ODF (Khula Dissa Mukta chettra) declaration Program

2011-06-09 / 2011-06-09

Rotaract club of Annapurna had taken the responsibilty of declaring ward no-18 in pokhara as the "khulla dissa mukta chettra", a program Read More

Charter Day Celebration

2011-06-09 / 2011-06-09

On the occassion of Club's Charter day, Rotaract club of Annapurna organized a greeting and Dinner Program to celebrate the club's 1st Read More

Cycle Rally- save Himalayas, save environment

2011-06-03 / 2011-06-03


                                      Read More

4th Zonal PS meet

2011-05-21 / 2011-05-21

In the zonal PS meet Organized by Rotaract club of Pokhara, 4 members actively participated from Rotaract club of Annapurna and presented its Read More

DRR Visit

2011-04-30 / 2011-04-30

To present and highlight the year round ativities performed by Rotarat club of Annapurna, the DRR visit was hosted. 

Four District Read More

Sports Goods Distribution

2011-04-24 / 2011-04-24


Share a toy….,

to give joy……………….!!!!!


In the occasion of Lok Read More

Fellowship Picnic for Membership Extension

2011-04-16 / 2011-04-16


To bring fresh ideas and for the sustainability of the club, RAC Annapurna organized a fellowship picnic with the students of Pokhara Read More

Lottery Opening Day

2011-04-14 / 2011-04-14


With the motive of fund generation for the club, Rotaract club of Annapurna sold lottery tickets worth Rs. 40 each. The opening date Read More

ODF (Khula Dissa Mukta chettra)

2011-04-13 / 2011-04-13


Rotaract club of Annapurna actively volunteered in the government level project ‘ODF’ to build proper toilets and Read More

2nd District P.S. Meet

2011-04-02 / 2011-04-02

Read More

Cycle Rally

2011-03-10 / 2011-03-10

To celebrate the Rotaract week and to share a common message "save the environment", members from Rotaract Annapurna participated in the Read More

Women's role in social works

2011-03-08 / 2011-03-08

On the occasion of Rotaract week , Rotaract Club of Annapurna conducted a program with the title "Women's role in social work " Read More

Zonal Football competition

2011-03-05 / 2011-03-05

Rotaract Club of Annapurna played the game with full spirit and was sucessful in winning all the other teams competinig in the tournament in Zonal Read More

Blasting the Ukkhu (Sugar cane)

2011-03-02 / 2011-03-02

To celebrate Shiva Ratri, the club members balsted the sugarane and exhanged greeting amongst each other. It was also a momemt of Fellowship.
Read More

Candle Lighting for World Peace

2011-02-23 / 2011-02-23

Rotary Pokhara Annapurna, Rotaract Annapurna and Inner wheel of Annapurna, on the occassion of Rotary day jointly conducted a candle lighting Read More

Rotary Polio Rally & Peace Walk 2010-2011

2011-02-12 / 2011-02-12

Read More

Rotaract District Conference 2011

2011-01-07 / 2011-01-07


Five Members from RAC Annapurna Participated in the event held at Butwal. President Rtr. Nikesh Pd. Karmacharya, Secretary Rtr. Bibek Read More

Club Socialization and New Year Party

2011-01-03 / 2011-01-03


To celebrate the occasion of New Year 2011 Rotaract club of Annapurna organized a Barbecue Party at lakeside to exchange New Year Read More


2010-12-16 / 2010-12-16


On 16th and 17th December 2010 a team of Rotaractor from Bangalore visited Pokhara under the Inter District Youth Exchange Program Read More

Youth Sports Mela

2010-12-04 / 2010-12-04


To mark the international Disability day, a sports mela for the disable people was organized in Pokhara. The event was supported by Read More

One Day Free Dental and Eye Camp

2010-12-03 / 2010-12-03


One Day Free Dental and Eye Camp


On December 3, 2010 Rotaract club of Annapurna successfully organized a one day free Read More

second p. s. meet of Zone VII

2010-11-27 / 2010-11-27


Minutes of second p. s. meet of Zone VII

Regarding club reporting: All the clubs of zone VII presented their club report of 3 Read More

Health Camp

2010-11-20 / 2010-11-20

Read More

Fund Raising Program

2010-11-06 / 2010-11-06


During Tihar (Festival of Lights) 2010, Rotaract Club of Annapurna (RCA) organized a deusi bhailo fundraising event. During this event Read More

Dashin greetings program organized by the Ann Circle Annapurna

2010-10-09 / 2010-10-09

Read More

Dashain & Tihar Greetings Exchange Program between Club Members

2010-10-08 / 2010-10-08



Dashin & Tihar Greetings Exchange Program

On the occasion of Dashin and Tihar, Rotaract club of Annapurna organized Read More

Speech on Decision Making & Entrepreneurship

2010-10-01 / 2010-10-01


Some entrepreneurs are born while others learn and become one?

Rtn. Janupukar Munakarmi is an active member of the Rotary Club of Read More

First Aid Training & Demonstration

2010-09-07 / 2010-09-07


First Aid Training & Demonstration

Since its inception, Rotaract Club of Annapurna (RCA) has been providing practical training Read More

Youth’s role in Tourism and environmental issues

2010-08-14 / 2010-08-14


To mark the Youth week and the tourism year 2011 and , Rotaract club of Annapurna organized an interaction program on the topic &ldquo Read More

Motivational Leadership Training

2010-08-03 / 2010-08-03

  Motivational Leadership Training “IMPOSSIBLE: I’m POSSIBLE”      August 3, 2010: The Rotaract Club of Read More

Blood Donation Campaign

2010-08-02 / 2010-08-02

                                         Read More

Rotaract Friendship Day Celebration

2010-08-01 / 2010-08-01

  ROTARACT FRIENDSHIPDAY CELEBRATION "The only unsinkable ship is FRIENDSHIP." -Sent in by Jeff Sczpanski   On August 1, 2010 Read More

Charter Installation Ceremony

2010-07-10 / 2010-07-10

  Rotary Club of Pokhara Annapurna 5th Installation Ceremony and Rotaract Charter Installation ~ 3292   On July 10, 2010, the 5th Read More

Peace Walk and Blood Donation

2010-07-08 / 2010-07-08

Peace Walk and Blood Donation

The Rotary International District 3292 celebrated the Rotary Week from July 1 to July 7 with various social Read More

Inter-Rotaract Interaction & Fellowship program

2010-07-02 / 2010-07-02

  Inter-Rotaract Interaction & Fellowship program   To highlight on the responsibilities of Rotaract members towards the club & Read More

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