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Fellowship Picnic for Membership Extension - RAC Annapurna

Fellowship Picnic for Membership Extension
2011-04-16 / 2011-04-16  |  
Venue : Fedi, Hemja
Objectives : create awareness of Rotaract movement and celebrate Nepali New year
Jointly with : Pokhara University students


Rotaract movement

Project Detail


To bring fresh ideas and for the sustainability of the club, RAC Annapurna organized a fellowship picnic with the students of Pokhara university to make them aware of Rotaract culture and objectives, to generate future Rotaractors. The picnic was also organized with the objective of celebrating the Nepali New Year 2068.


The main motive of the picnic was to create awareness of Rotaract movement, which the picnic was very successful in doing so. Almost all members of RAC Annapurna were present in the picnic and they shared their Rotaract experience with the others present.

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